FFmpeg afade/acrossfade filter curves illustration

The table below shows visual illustrations of how the volume of an audio stream changes when they are faded-in, for a given curve type. For fade-outs, the horizontal mirror of the illustration represents that effect.

afade argument Meaning Curve
tritriangular, linear slope (default)afade - triangular curve
qsinquarter of sine waveafade - quarter sine wave curve
hsinhalf of sine waveafade -  half sine wave curve
esinexponential sine waveafade -  exponential sine wave curve
loglogarithmicafade -  logarithmic curve
iparinverted parabolaafade -  inverted parabola curve
quaquadraticafade - quadratic curve
cubcubicafade - cubic curve
squsquare rootafade - square root curve
cbrcubic rootafade - cubic root curve
parparabolaafade - parabola curve
expexponentialafade -  exponential curve
iqsininverted quarter of sine waveafade -  inverted quarter sine wave curve
ihsininverted half of sine waveafade -  inverted half sine wave curve
desedouble-exponential seatafade - double-exponential seat curve
desidouble-exponential sigmoidafade - double-exponential sigmoid curve
losilogistic sigmoidafade -  logistic sigmoid curve
nofadeno fadeafade -  no fade curve
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