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Showing objects tagged with 'subtitles'

  • #7635 enhancement: Converting bitmap subtitles to srt (new)
  • #8738 defect: subtitle filter can't render indic languages (open)
  • #9001 defect: concat demuxed ASS subtitles don't work (new)
  • #9002 defect: subtitles filter fails to display all ASS subtitles (new)
  • #9862 defect: Can't render subtitles on a transparent video (new)
  • #10525 defect: Video⁄audio desync between segments in MPV and in VLC is delay between ... (new)
  • #10631 defect: Not requested subtitle / data stream automatically added to MP4 file (new)
  • HowToBurnSubtitlesIntoVideo subtitles filter
  • HowToConvertYouTubeSBVtoSRT How to convert YouTube SBV to SRT
  • ManagingOtherLanguagesThanEnglish Windows code page 1252