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Showing objects tagged with 'roundup'

  • #5 defect: jp2k muxed into mov by FFmpeg can't be played by QuickTime (reopened)
  • #355 license violation: ALLPlayer.org and Artur Majtczak violate the GPL (open)
  • #1337 defect: MPEG4 ASP does not seek to keyframe (new)
  • #1438 defect: Seeking in vob file with timestamp discontinuities fails (open)
  • #1555 defect: WebM: Silent track not taken into account if followed by a noisy track (open)
  • #1558 defect: Artefacts and wrong duration when decoding a (possibly damaged) ... (open)
  • #1559 defect: cannot seek in .m4a file (open)