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Showing objects tagged with 'mp4'

  • #2260 defect: FFmpeg doesn't auto-select subtitle codec for MP4 (new)
  • #4334 defect: Second audio track marked as default after copy (new)
  • #8791 defect: Metadata will not copy over going from opus to mp4 (new)
  • #9372 defect: MP4 demuxer breaks for edit-list and fragments (open)
  • #9438 defect: mp4: ffmpeg can't read track title metadata (new)
  • #9590 defect: FFmpeg-written MP4 fails to be read-back without distortion of PTS/DTS (new)
  • #9821 defect: Rewarp MPEGDash to MP4 changes audio bitrate mode (new)
  • #10116 defect: Some MP4 via HTTP is freezed (new)
  • #10339 defect: ffmpeg divided-by-zero bugs (new)
  • #10380 defect: H264/AAC MP4 video first frame doesn't report a zero mediaTime using ... (new)
  • Encode/HighQualityAudio Guidelines for high quality lossy audio encoding