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Showing objects tagged with 'dnxhd'

  • #3251 defect: Since version 1.1 ffmpeg produces DNxHD files with wrong codec time base. (new)
  • #3707 enhancement: Support decoding transparency information in dnxhd streams (new)
  • #6465 defect: wrong metadata for the DNxHD codec prevent playback on Specialized ... (new)
  • #7258 defect: Video codec "uncompressed r210 and v210" in Quicktime container ... (new)
  • #7280 enhancement: dnxhdenc.c forces DNxHR HQX to 10-bit, but it should allow 12-bit (new)
  • #7342 defect: Wrong colours when decoding dnxhd (new)
  • #8088 enhancement: FFmpeg allows DNxHD 175x, but not DNxHD 350x (new)
  • #9698 enhancement: Bitrate Info no avaible for DNXHR (new)