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Showing objects tagged with 'cuvid'

  • #6495 enhancement: Add low latency mode in nvcuvid/nvdecode (open)
  • #6971 defect: ffmpeg drops frames after deinterlacing (open)
  • #6989 defect: Hwaccel cuvid fails with “Error creating a NVDEC decoder: 1” (open)
  • #7007 defect: ffmpeg: cuvid - duplicate frames when EOS since version 3.4 (new)
  • #7012 defect: H264_cuvid Decoding Causes NVRM XID 31 (open)
  • #7514 defect: Cuvid decoders getting enabled for 'disable-decoders' config option (open)
  • #8951 defect: cuvid and nvdec pts different when encode (new)
  • #10386 defect: CUVID decoder fails to process specific JPGs (open)
  • #10409 defect: Cuvid decoder with bob deint errror after #402d98c commit (open)
  • #10668 defect: cuvid regression creates jerky output (open)