Change History for Encode/VP9

Version Date Author Comment
21 11 months llogan removed "convert from audio" example that did not make sense
20 12 months Vitaly Zdanevich simplify a code
19 12 months Vitaly Zdanevich use common output name
18 12 months Vitaly Zdanevich add section about how to convert from audio
17 14 months slhck no need to specify muxer in first pass
16 18 months huupoke12 "Constant quantizer" is named by Google for Constant quality mode
15 3 years veikk0 Mention 2-pass CRF mode, mention the benefits of 2-pass in libvpx, add …
14 3 years slhck typo
13 3 years slhck note that -an can be used in first pass
12 4 years slhck clarify availability of VP9 decoders (most browsers support it, except …
11 4 years Darxus Added Compatability section, mentioning vp8 and 4:2:0 are more widely …
10 4 years slhck info on compression efficiency; add relevant paper
9 4 years slhck add more explanation and examples, and link to Google rate control page
8 4 years llogan add default audio encoder note and remove libvorbis instances
7 4 years slhck s/reduce/increase, other minor fixes
6 4 years slhck improve article structure, add explanation on speed/quality
5 4 years slhck add new way to specify rate / quality
4 4 years slhck fix formatting (when will I ever remember this wiki syntax)
3 4 years slhck add link to Google VP9 guide
2 6 years c-14 Spelling fix
1 6 years c-14